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FRESH IN is a family business with a strong tradition in fresh grocery distribution, whether on wholesale or retail market.

The success journey started in the 60’s with the dedication of the José Martins Maceiras to the retail business in Lisbon, place where the first supermarkets were born.

Years later, he has devoted his business to the groceries production and their international commercialization.

Nowadays, after 50 years of tradition FRESH IN is born, a company which goal is the international business and fresh groceries retail to supermarkets.

FRESH IN has a wide people team who devote themselves to the trade and quality control of our products, and to the high quality exportation.

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Supermarket Fundão

Rua dos três lagares nº 50 R/C Dt
6230-421 Fundão

M (+351) 935 797 364
T (+351) 275 031 484

Mon. | Sun. - 08H/20H

Supermarket Fundão II

Rua Vasco da Gama, nº 5, R/C
6230-439 Fundão

M (+351) 935 797 362

Mon. | Sun. - 08H/20H


Quinta da Póla

M (+351) 935 797 362 | 935 797 364

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