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Portuguese Stew
Portuguese Stew

100 g pork ribs to grill
150 g pork’s hand fat
75 g pork´s belly meat
50 g blood smoked sausage
60 g pork’s ear
45 g blood sausage
44 g smoked sausage
58 g traditional flour and wine sausage
125 g back head beef
100 g country chicken
50 g salt
60 g turnip
150 g cannonball cabbage
2 g peppermint
55 g white beans
1 carrot
60 g potato
150 g green cabbage
100 g Portuguese kale

1. Season all the meat with salt the previous day.

2. Peel the turnip and the carrot and divide them in four, wash all the vegetables thoroughly. Cut off the central part of the cabbage and the kale; divide the leaves and the potatoes in four.

3. Separate all the sausages, a put the meat except the chicken, in a big pan with water (until it covers the meat) and the peppermint. Let boil and verify if the meat is done. When cooked take the meat and leave it aside. Cook the chicken in the same water. after cooked take the chicken and leave it with the rest of the meat.

4. Check the water level and the seasoning. Use the same water to boil the sausages separately. take them from the water and leave them with the meat.

5. In the same water cook the cabbages, the kale and the carrot for five minutes and then add the potatoes, the beans and the turnip. Check the texture so you don´t overcook them.

6. Mince the meat in little pieces and put them in a plate to serve. Do the same with the sausages and the vegetables separately.

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